About Astrid

Striving to create clean, but interesting stories for Young Adults and the young at heart, California native Astrid Yrigollen was born in the San Francisco Bay area where she continues to live.She began writing in elementary school. Transferring her love of writing to story boarding video games that she created on her Mac Classic.
Programming,creating graphics and audio files, she was a one girl video game company. Her games were featured with Shareware magazines.
In the early 90's she secured a position with Video game company Sega of America but never lost her love for writing.After leaving the video game industry she became a boutique fashion designer, successfully placing her designs in boutiques in Europe,the U.S, and Australia.

With a deep love and respect for animal life, she has kept many furry family members and has been a volunteer at the local Humane Society, even working briefly as a Vet Assistant until she found out that the sight of blood makes her pass out. She now enjoys writing full time as well as studying her third spoken language,Japanese.

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