LoveSaga One

Part One

Background: My first installment,my first photostory.Sorry for darker pictures.

Rated PG


Mimi ( Volks Sd13 girl)

Michi ( Volks Sd10 girl)

Mardigan( Luts Dreaming Shiwoo)



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Background: Mardigan was supposed to be engaged to Mimi but when he arrived he promptly rejected her as a bride and deemed Michi a kindred spirit and pursues Michi. Michi does not take him seriously. Mimi has quietly accepted that Mardigan does not love her. She has since been enaged to Isao in an arranged marriage and awaits his arrival.

Mimi bears no ill will towards Michi (her younger sister)or Mardigan and has become good friends with Mardigan.But now that Isao is on his way something is bothering Mardigan... div style="width:480px; text-align: center;">

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