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" I know Isao came in late last night. Why are Mimi and Michi so excited about him coming to live with us anyways? Maybe I will just check out the competition."

Mardigan to self:

"Well he certainly snores loud. Hmm what do we have here?"


"Nice shirt , I think it would look better on me though."

Mardigan: "Nice wig too."

Isao: "Zzzzzzzzzz" (Mardigan leaves slamming door behind him)

Isao:"What the..?"

Meanwhile back in Mardigan's room he tries on Isao's wig.

(Michi enters )

Michi(suspcious): " Where did you get that wig?" Mardigan:"Oh this wig? I found it." Michi: "WHERE?" Mardigan: " On Isao's head."

Meanwhile Isao gets up and goes looking for his wig and shirt.

Isao to himself: ("I cant beilve this My first day here and my hair and shirt is snatched! I dont want to meet anyone especially not Mimi looking like this.")

Michi: "I bet you are Isao." Isao: "Yeah, how did you know?" Michi hands shirt and wig to Isao. Michi :Hurry and put these on, these are all I could find in his room."

Michi:" Mimi should be up and about and I hardly think you want her to see you like this, bald and shirtless. Not the best impression making outfit."

Isao: (Sheepish)"No of course not. "

Mardigan walks in .

Isao and Mardigan together: "My wig! "

Isao:" I dont want to get off on the wrong foot here but that's my wig buddy."

(Mimi walks in and for the first time sets her eyes on her intended. She is speachless )


Isao:"And another thing.... "

Isao turns and notices Mimi and instantly knows she is the one for him.Everything is forgotten around them.

Isao: "Its so nice to meet you finally Mimi..."

Mimi:(stammers, shy) " I am so happy to meet you Isao...I am preparing a special meal for you later so that..maybe ..."

Isao: we can be together and talk? I would love that."

Mardigan ( annoyed):'She never made *me* a special meal."


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