Love saga

Chapter Three

Mimi:"Okay I think everthing is ready.I'm so nervous."

Mimi looks over table

Mimi:"Whats this?This wasnt here a second ago."

Mimi"It looks like one of Lilly's toys. I'll just put it to the side."

Lilly: "Phase one completed: Distract Mimi. Phase Two in progress:Abscond with pastry."

Mimi:"Whew, I'm tired. I spent all day baking when I should have found something better to wear. I hope he likes my new hair color at least."

Meggido:"Mimi are okay?"

Mimi (gasp)"Oh sorry! I was just resting , yes yes I'm fine. Sit down."

Mimi pushes Meggido into a chair.

Meggido:"I got you something."

Mimi opens box.

Mimi: "This is a beautiful music box,thank you so much. I didnt get anything for you."

Meggido:"This wonderful meal is enough. Its beautiful. I like your new hair color to. It matches mine."

(The eat their meal)

Meggido:"...So that was when I got the call from our mutal benefactress and I came as soon as I could. I hope you dont feel weird about this arranged marriage. I mean we can be friends first and if it doesnt work out..."

Mimi:"I want to be friends I want to get to know you. I guess being rejected by Mardigan has hurt me more then I realized but I dont blame him."

Mimi:"I just dont want to be hurt again."

Meggido takes Mimis hand

Megiddo:"Mimi, I dont want you to spend another second thinking of Mardigan. His loss is my gain. You were meant for me."

Meggido stands up and pulls Mimi up

Meggido: "Will you me marry me?"


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