Love saga

Chapter Five

Nurse:"Well the Doctor is glad that you came in for your final appointment. Everything looks fine."

Isao: "Thats great , it seems like I have been here forever coming back for check ups."

Nurse: "You dont like our company Meggido?"

Isao: "Sure! But I miss my friends and my fiancee"

Nurse(hurt/angry): "Fiancee? You never told me you were engaged?"
Isao(taken by suprise): " Oh, uh it was the Doctor that I told. he even said he would send a gift."(Laughs nervously)
Nurse: " So when is the happy day?"
Isao:"A month after I get back. I wanted to have a new fave up , to what I looked like before."
Nurse: "Why? To please her, your fiancee? You were fine before!"

Isao:(uncomfortable) "Uh thanks."
Nurse:"Yes you were fine before and now, now you are fine as well."
Isao:" Well I am a hurry so take care and I will send the Doctor a thank you card for everything he has done for me."
(Isao Leaves the office quickly to make the long journey home)

Door closes.
Nurse:"I'll see you soon Meggido...a man like you cannot just walk into my life and walk siree.."

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