Love saga

Chapter Eight

Etrigan:( She is so beautiful) "I..I'm sorry to bother you . I..(stumbles over words) I'm looking for someone."

Ulah:( Standing in hallway)"That voice sounds like.."

Mimi:"Please , come in. ( There is no real crime in my BJD world :)You said you were looking for someone?"

Etrigan:"I am looking for my sister, Ulah. ( He shows Mimi a picture of the two of them together) She is my twin.

Mimi"(Shocked) Yes, she lives here, I'll call her.." Ulah walks in.They hug.Mimi leaves the two of them alone.

Etrigan: Why did you leave Ulah?

Ulah: I was tired of the mashed potatoes at school.

Etrigan: Understandable.

Michi:"Its getting pretty crowded in this burg. And me still without a decent pair of boots to do some kicking out."

Ulah wanders outside after an hour or so: "What are you doing Michi?"

Michi:"Holding up this brick wall what does it look like?"

Ulah: My brother has to decided to stay for awhile.I think he likes Mimi.

Michi: Well I wonder what old Meggido is going to have to say about that?"

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